Dogs on Leash Allowed, Peninsula

Finding the Bay

Sweeney Ridge is a hilly 4.5 miles out and back hiking trail located in between San Bruno and Pacifica, CA with a summit reaching 1,200 ft. The Ridge is also the location of San Francisco Bay Discovery site in which the Portola expedition first sighted San Francisco Bay on November 4, 1769.   Trail Information: Trailhead is located at the…

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Off Leash Trails, San Francisco

Every Dog Owners Dream

Fort Funston is one of the best places to hang out with your dog and let them enjoy some off-leash time outdoors and enjoy the scenery. Fort Funston is located just south of Ocean Beach.  A popular dog park and the only park in the GGNRA that allows off-leash dogs.  From the big free parking lot, you will see wide…

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Dogs on Leash Allowed, San Francisco

San Francisco Urban Forest

Hidden in the busy streets of San Francisco, Mt. Davidson is is located a small urban forest filled will eucalyptus tree and coastal shrub within the neighborhood west portal, known as the highest peak in the city of San Francisco with an elevation of 928 ft. Aside from being the highest peak in the city,  it is also known for…

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Off Leash Trails, Tahoe

Echo Lakes Snowshoeing

If you are looking for beginners snowshoeing trail with a spectacular view,  Echo lakes will be highly recommended.  It is an easy hike with just a bit of a steep slope on the way back.  The trail to Echo Chalet is the actual road that is not plowed during the winter season. This Glacial lake is divided into two lakes,  Upper…

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