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Echo Lakes Snowshoeing

If you are looking for beginners snowshoeing trail with a spectacular view,  Echo lakes will be highly recommended.  It is an easy hike with just a bit of a steep slope on the way back.  The trail to Echo Chalet is the actual road that is not plowed during the winter season.

This Glacial lake is divided into two lakes,  Upper and Lower Echo Lake and it is separated by a small channel.  It is also possible to cross the frozen lake during winter to enter desolation wilderness.

frozen lake

Trail Information

  • Trailhead is located across Echo Lake Sno-Park
  • Restroom is located Echo Lake Sno-Park
  • Dogs are allowed off leash.
  • No dog fee
  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Permits are not required if you are not entering Desolation Wilderness

About the Hike


  • Starting Elevation: 7,382 ft
  • Highest Elevation: 7,524 ft
  • Trail Length: 1.17 mile ( it is possible to walk over the frozen lake during winter )

How to Get Here


  • Sno-Park permit required. ( Sno-Park permit must be purchased before parking )
  • Sno-Park information:



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