Dogs on Leash Allowed, Peninsula

Milagra Ridge

If you are looking for a place for you and your dog to leave the city without actually leaving the city, Milagra Ridge is a sure spot.

Although it is only 275 acre, it is home to some of the threatened and endangered species, like the Mission Blue Butterfly, San Bruno Elfin Butterfly, California Red Legged Frog and San Francisco garter snake.

Short but beautiful hike with 360 views. It is best to visit on a sunny day where you can see as far as Farallon Islands.

There are two sets of trail which will both end up in Milagra Summit. One paved and the other is dirt.


How to Get Here

Milagra Ridge is located along Sharp Park Blvd. in Pacifica, CA.


Parking is free but very limited.


Dog Policy

  • Dogs are allowed on leash.
  • No Dog Fees.

Trail Length and Elevation and Description

Difficulty Level: Easy

Paved Path

  • Distance: .90 miles
  • Total Elevation Change 80 ft.


Dirt Path ( Trail starts on the left side of of the main gate )

  • Distance: .80 miles
  • Total Elevation Change 113 ft.


Milagra Ridge Summit




The Wrap

Although not as popular as the other parks, you can enjoy some quite time while enjoying the beautiful ocean views on this not too short but not too long hike. Enjoy!

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